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Hydratec Software for AutoCAD

An electronic set of all of the manuals and tutorials is placed on your computer when you install the software.

In HydraCAD:

You will find the HydraCAD manuals and tutorials on the Documentation flyout of the HydraCAD pulldown menu. You will also find How-to Documents and How-to Videos on the Documentation flyout.

In HydraLIST:

You will find the HydraLIST manuals and How-to papers by picking Help and then HydraLIST PDF Manuals.

In HydraCALC:

You will find the HydraCALC manual by picking Help and then HydraCALC Documents.

Lastly, an online help file is available for each of our software packages. Find the help file under the Help pulldown menu in each of HydraCALC and HydraLIST. The HydraCAD help file is found on the HydraCAD pulldown menu.

*Manuals are subject to change

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