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Class Description:

This class will expand creating a complete Sprinkler Design using Hydratec for Revit tools. The process will begin with a set of linked Revit linked files and the set up needed to start a stand- alone fire protection project. This will allow the student to immediately start using Revit to create sprinkler plans. In addition to a review of the basic design functions of modeling, calculating and listing a project, emphasis will be placed on coordinating that FP project with the other trades using clash detection inside of Revit and in conjunction with Navisworks. This coordination process will also highlight an advanced understanding of the pipe configuration changes available through the Hydratec for Revit tools. This class will also include model detailing of hangers and their inclusion in the field layout for hanger inserts using a Robotic Total Station (Trimble).

This hands-on class will allow for the student to follow along with the lessons using files provided for each lesson. The pace of this class will be set by the amount of material covered and will likely require more follow up exercise and review of the recordings than in the Revit Basic Online Training class.

A strong focus of this class is to expand the students knowledge of the complete Hydratec tool set to allow application to more sophisticated projects.

Training Includes:

  • 1 live one hour preparation session
  • 3 live 3 hour on-line sessions (subsequent Thur, Tues & Thur)
  • 2 additional live sessions for further Revit immersion plus Q&A (1 & 2 weeks later)
  • Access to every recording for each session
  • Reviewed homework assignment following the 3-day class
  • Live hands-on opportunity to model sprinkler system in Revit and revise for it for coordination with the other trades. All lessons will be actual Revit model for an expanded BIM experience

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Autodesk Revit software (No Revit experience required)
  • Some sprinkler design experience
  • Basic understanding NFPA standards necessary to apply the lessons
  • HydraCAD for AutoCAD (or equivalent) experience including Calculations & Listing
  • A prompt specific plan to use the new tools

Agenda & Schedule

Dates Available:

  • August 1st (Intermediate Online)
  • Classes will be scheduled at a later date for November

Training Objectives:

  • This class will prepare the student to:
    • Link an AutoCAD background into your Revit sprinkler model
    • Layout a Simple Sprinkler System including:
      • Layout of sprinklers and branch lines

      • Layout of automatic sprinkler riser, feed main and cross main piping

      • Automated methods for connecting branch lines to cross mains

      • Layout system hangers and seismic braces and provide for transfer of CSV data to a Robotic Total Station such as a Trimble

    • Coordinate with other trades within Revit and in conjunction with Navisworks
    • Derive the Hydraulic Calculations automatically from the Sprinkler Model
    • Derive the complete Fabrication List automatically from the Sprinkler Model
    • Produce a complete set of submittal and installation plans

Training Schedule:

  • Week 1
    • Tues 10am (edt) - 1 hour Kickoff meeting

    • Thur 10am (edt) – 3 hour Lesson 1 – System Modeling

  • Week 2
    • Tues 10am (edt) – 3 hour Lesson 2 – Hydraulic Calculations & Listing

    • Thur 10am (edt) – 3 hour Lesson 3 – Coordination and Hanger Layout

  • Week 3 & 4
    • Thur 10am (edt) – 3 hour Follow Up with additional Q&A

*scheduled days and dates will be emailed with class details


  • First Registered Student - $1,000 USD
  • Additional Registered Students - $500 USD/student
  • Additional Viewers - Free!

* Class fee must be prepaid before the class start date.

The registered student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of classes based on active participation. There is no limit to the number of viewers from each company.

Additional students from the same company can register for the same training series for $500 each and will receive a certificate of completion and graded homework.

Need a more basic training?

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